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How long has been building web sites? Since 1992. In that time we have seen many developments and improvements, and also fads that have come and gone.

What is the most important consideration about a web site? Communication is the most important factor in designing a web site. The site must represent its owner accurately, and communicate clearly and efficient what the owner wishes to tell the web audience.

Should my site have lots of bells and whistles? We enjoy ringing those bells and tooting those whistles. On the other hand, gimmicks and excessive visuals generally detract from the central message of a web site. Our best sites are some of our simplest.

Why are your rates so much lower than most web designers? began as an avocation and still does not have to support its staff. We can arrange to charge by the hour so that you have good control over costs. We find that our bills generally come in below our estimates.

Can I have my own email through my site? Sure. We can set up your email if you like. We can also secure your domain name and hosting.

What about that free page? If you are a small business in Maine, will build and host for free on our server a simple web page made from your materials (a restaurant menu, a business card, a picture). We want to help put all businesses on the World Wide Web.

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